Feel the best touch

Feel the best touch

Quality design above all else.

In keeping with the LIT commitment to quality, we combine technical fabrics with unique construction techniques and technologies. At the core of our philosophy lies the DNA of our multi-faceted active wear: simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty. Ingeniously designed for you to flaunt your cinched-in waist and shapely silhouette.

It is the buttery-soft.

“Feel” is the thing that we care most. The products feature in 100% carefully selected material to give every piece the perfect feel. The softest stuff is used out there, which provide a cottony feel to it and can feel cozier against the skin. It is the buttery-soft: slightly less thick, which is great for things like tank tops.

Sweat comfortably

Employing a specially engineered fiber to breathe and wick away trapped moisture, our products are always incredibly dry and comfortable in any kind of weather. The fabric dries sweat and moisture incredibly fast, and reduces wrinkles and is treated with a durable water repellant.

If you sweat a bit after the heat turns on, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry quickly. In addition, our 4-way strechable material also gives all products clean lines and superb mobility, combined with comfort and flexibility, also provide extra support and coverage.